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The Dark Eye: Basic Rules
Art: Regelwerk | Erscheinungsdatum: 24.07.2003 | Stand: 28.06.2004

© by FanPro US / Fast Forward Entertainment
FanPro US / Fast Forward Entertainment
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Kurzzeichen: TDEBR
Florian Don-Schauen, Britta Herz, Thomas Römer
Zoltán Boros, Gábor Szikszai
Caryad, Sabine Weiss, Zoltán Boros, Gábor Szikszai, Ina Kramer (Map of Aventuria)
System/Edition: The Dark Eye
Preis: 29.95 Euro
ISBN: 3-89064-450-3
Verlag: FanPro US / Fast Forward Entertainment
Make your mark on the world of Aventuria! The world of Aventuria awaits you! This core rulebook allows you to play a character chosen from a background of 8 cultures (human, elven and dwarven) and 12 professions (from rogue to warrior to magician). It includes a detailed yet easy attribute and skill system, a quick combat system and the basic rules for sorcery. It also features a short primer on Aventurian geography, politics, history and religion, as well as 8 archetypal characters for easy access to an endless world where fantasy and reality meet. A new world from the Old World - The Dark Eye is based on the brand-new fourth edition of Das Schwarze Auge, Germany's premier fantasy role-playing game since 1983. The detailed, elegant rules are a product of nearly 20 years of constant development. The game world, Aventuria, is as richly detailed, developed from literally hundreds of game adventures and supplements. Now, embark on the exploration of a lifetime, the discovery of the richest, most complete role-playing setting of all time, now available in English for the very first time! Magnificent, well-established rules. This translation is of the 4th Edition of the original German game, play tested and perfected over nearly 20 years. The game system is rock solid. Medieval European fantasy from its source. This authentic take on literary fantasy settings is uniquely gritty and real, head and shoulders above the fantasy RPG norm. Superior graphics, drawn from the entire history of the original German game, really bringing the world of Aventuria to life.
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